Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Free Faithbooking Class! Beginning June 1st! Based on the book:

Catching Fireflies – Teaching Your Heart to See God’s Light Everywhere

by Patsy Clairmont [Best-Selling Author and Women of Faith Speaker]

In the book, Patsy writes, “I hope this book will offer you new understanding and thoughts that kindle your desire to seek God in fresh ways. Together we will explore different kinds of illumination that help us find that path…. I believe just as surely as God had a place assigned for the sun, moon, and stars, He has a place for us as His light holders. A place where we get to shine.”

The book is not required for this class, but it’s an EXCELLENT read [doesn't it just look yummy?!] and can be purchased at the link above, as well as at most bookstores [I picked mine up at Barnes & Noble.] I love the different kinds of light that Patsy uses to illustrate God’s goodness. It was so hard to pick only 5 for us to focus on together, but I plan to share some of my favorites [and the ones that touched my heart] with you during our five weeks together. I'm changing things up a little for this class - all ‘classes’ will be posted on the blog, Anyone can participate for one or more weeks. Excerpts from the book will be posted on Mondays with Faithbooking Prompts and a sketch for your use. My take will be posted on Wednesdays. I’d love to see your work! If you’re participating, please join the FaithBasedPagesClasses Yahoo Group [link on the blog] where we will share discussion as well as our faith based pages. A participation prize will be randomly drawn from those who complete all five lessons [layouts must be posted on the Yahoo group above to be entered. ]


Hope said...

This sounds like so much fun! I could not eek out enough scrap time to participate in your first one but I so hoping I can do it for this one. Check out my blog -- I just awarded you a bloggy award! Thanks so much for your inspiration. Blessings, Hope

Jane ... said...

I'm going to hop in too--hope I can keep up! Thanks for all your inspiration and willingness to share week by week...I know I'll learn a lot! Abundant blessings!