Monday, April 13, 2009

Garden Update

I put the rest of my plants in - and killed a snake.
I feel kinda bad about that too - because... I think it was a good snake. And, I'm all about good snakes, as long as they stay in their place. - Had one live in the shrubs next to our driveway for years - and I'd just knock him out of the way to trim them up - until the day I found him a little too close to my car. He was dead in a matter of minutes...
So this weekend, I was moving around some wood to form a make-shift flower garden outside the real garden when I noticed this:

a snake hibernating in the wood. Now, I'll tell you - we've found many [many] black widow spiders in this wood pile of ours, so I was wearing gloves
- but I never [EVER!] expected to see a snake.
So, I guess I woke it up -

and I watched it closely -
Do round eyes mean good? Are these round?

I'm thinking that maybe they are -
I was out there by myself and not about to continue planting and digging unless I knew for sure, so I killed it. Sadly...
[Of course this was taken before I did it
- and it looks a little more scary when it's all black and stripey...]

But my garden's looking full and fun!
All together I have: tomatoes - basil - brussel sprouts - eggplant - banana peppers - bell peppers - lettuce - carrots - squash [zucchini and yellow] - and string beans - have never grown those before - and I always like to try something new...
and I planted sunflowers and zinnias - for some lovely spots of color later in the summer!
[we did have some 29* nights last week when I had to tucked things in with the windows and a tarp, but all survived , except one basil plant - and I'd planted extra of that because I love it so...]

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Dee said...

thank you SO MUCH for the comment on my blog. Your words blessed me sooooo much!!! You have some great work on your blog. so glad I came and looked around. Blessings!