Monday, April 27, 2009

Fox in the Yard

We've known for a while now that there are foxes living in our area / yard.
[Some may remember THIS POST from last year - ]
Lately we've been awakened by the sound of our cats screeching in the early morning hours and once about a month ago Craig was out in the evening and saw one trying to attack them-
and even with Craig there - he [it?] wouldn't run away - a little scary....[This photo has been cropped and shopped - but have to say this one looks soooo much healthier than the one I photographed in the yard last year. Kind of pretty actually.]
Well, this morning I had one of those wake up early days [and it's my state holiday too!!!] and heard a little commotion out front so went down to check things out
- and grabbed the camera from the kitchen, of course. I have to admit I was afraid he'd injured [or worse!] our black cat [Coffee] because we suspect it's the cause of our yellow cat's [Cream] tail mishap - which btw is healing nicely a month out. But I guess she stood her ground because when he wondered off she walked up the drive
[and Cream came out of hiding to join her.]Photos taken through our front window ---early a.m. and I know they're blurry - but wanted to share another bit of wildlife saga around our house
I stepped outside one evening last week and found a HUGE 'possum eating our cats' food [Craig has taken photos of this event in the past - I'll have to find some to share
- they are just MEAN!] - YIKES - somehow,
I'm a little more scared of them than a fox... is that crazy?]

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