Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Garden Update

Yay! Good. Warm. Weather. Is finally here! And it feels so nice! Temps have been in the 80’s* and my garden is changing every day as a result! I’ve started composting and C and I built a little [?] compost corral from someone’s discarded pallets. It’s BIG and it’s HEAVY and it’s not quite where it needs to be since we have a bit of a rubbish pile waiting to be burned by the boys when they’re home for the summer.** Still, I’m composting away as I throw non-meat-table scraps into the pile and cover with old leaves and grass clippings. C added the fish guts from the last fish cleaning he did a few days ago – a little [okay – A LOT] stinky – but I really believe the fish will add to the overall nutrient value of my compost.

Updates: I have sunflowers and zinnias coming up from seed

– it’s been YEARS since I’ve had giant sunflower plants so I’m THRILLED at the prospect of this again! I just love those big sunny flowers! – I planted some of the smaller darker-hued ones too. I’ve also put in some little orange zinnias

from a hanging pot I got at Wal-Mart half-off due to being hit by the cold – they already have buds on them so I’m sure they’ll be great. [I took these out of the pot, divided them and put them in the flower bed near the garden.] And, I bought some rosemary since the HUGE plant I transplanted bit the dust soon after. Am hoping I have this one in a suitable location where it’ll find health and happiness for years to come [the transplanted one was over three years old-] I have blooms on each tomato plant [one was a little behind the others], a couple of little bell peppers growing [already!],

and everything else is getting settled in and ready to begin. Our rainfall has slacked off a bit so I’ve had to water these last few days. I’ll be adding miracle grow during the next rain. Oh! And I plucked a little basil last week to have with a vine-ripened tomato one of C’s friends sent over – it tasted like heaven – a little basil- a little tomato – a little [excellent] olive oil – [chased down with a prilosec] and life is good!

** I’ll be sure and share when this happens because little miniature bonfires have always been a part of their lives. EDITED: Just learned that we have burn warning going into effect soon - and we will not be able to burn until OCTOBER! Hope I can find the time to burn this rubbish soon!

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