Monday, April 28, 2008

State Holiday!

Yippee! Enjoying the view of azaleas out my kitchen window and I've set some goals for today - have accomplished a few... had breakfast with Matt... doing laundry [on the 5th load!] ...cleaned and straightened the play room....have more than a couple of boxes for Goodwill...played a little a la CZ's type challenge at Simple today [used the June kit - all about celebrations]...chose the paint color for the porch...and during lunch [leftovers] I looked out the window and saw a fox sunning itself on a stack of old windows we have in the yard [originally obtained to build a little greenhouse]. Yep! A Fox:Now - for those that don't know - we live IN THE CITY. Right in the middle - houses and stores all around us! - but there's wildlife everywhere too - we see raccoons, possums, hawks, and even coyotes [usually running and hiding in the culverts or wooded areas.] [Except for the deer that ran along C's car a few summer's back - just like a dog chasing a car...] So this is the first time we've seen a fox BLATANTLY sunning itself in our yard.... looks a little rough and weary...when I opened the door it ran away... Who knew these things happened in my own yard when I'm away at work? Note to self - get cats' rabies shots updated!

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Scrap Evangel said...

LOL!! He's just chillin' in your yard!