Friday, March 20, 2009

FBP Classes - Wonder!

The world is full of God's wonder! I encourage you to try something new this week and ask God's guidance on future plans for your life - both big and small ones... Would love to see more of the work you're doing along with the class - am a little disappointed in that. But I know with today being the first day of spring we're all probably busy with new and fresh projects. Ours has been moving my garden to the sunny side of life
- Craig built the raised beds for me a few years back and I wanted it placed right outside the kitchen door for convenience but after a season or two we quickly decided two things - 1] watering the garden caused unwanted run-off under the house and 2] there really wasn't enough sun to sustain it's entirety - so while the boys were home we all worked together and moved it up the hill then moved all the dirt back inside it. I walked over to the craft show during lunch today and bought a little rabbit to serve as my 'scare-crow' and can't wait to get him all set up. He's too cute. [Need to head to a thrift store for some clothing...]

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