Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Born to Be Wild - Faithbook Class

“Wonderland” p. 115 – Try Something New. This is a free faithbook class based on the book, Born to be Wild [rediscover the freedom of fun] by Jill Baughan. We'd love to have you join in, post a link to your work in our comments, and the top three participants will get a prize.
– My take: This led me to think about…how my sweet husband is always on a learning track about something new. Love this. I have to admit that I’m not nearly as adventurous. So this quick devotional has inspired me to jump in and try something that I’ve been pondering for a while now – KNITTING. We’ll see how it goes since I plan to get started in January and hopefully will have something [anything!] to share by March. Edited: I bought a 'Teach Yourself to Knit' kit while working out of town in January and started practicing my skills [strangely, purling is much - much easier for me...] and after some trial and error I completed the little purse [about 10 inch square] pictured here at the end of February! Yippee! I've found it very relaxing and almost one of those 'mindless tasks' that can be done while watching tv, etc. I say - almost - because I've found I must keep up with my count or I somehow add stitches here and's been fun to learn something new!

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