Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Beginnings of My 2009 Garden

I have high hopes! I've always loved to garden but as our schedule got busier and busier through the years it seemed kind of crazy to plant a garden only to have it later grow over with weeds or have the fruits of my labor rot on the vine because we were busy with other activities.
And I'll even admit there's been at least a couple of years when we bought all the bedding plants and they never even made in the ground.
I've been so happy to have this raised garden that Craig built for me a couple of years ago - it was great on the one end that got sun! Not so for the plants closer to our patio. Now that it's moved up on the hill I think all the plants will be happy and as we've become empty-nesters I have the time once again to devote to a hobby I love.Here's the boys moving the dirt into the beds after it was moved.
They also had to put a back on the garden since the original was against the house. - We used an old fence panel someone was discarding, cut it into two pieces, cut again and
voila! have a nifty backing for the new and improved garden!]And my windows will serve as a 'cold frame' should we have another little snap
[is it blackberry winter we're still waiting on?]
Today I've been emptying old pots of dirt into the garden [can't let THAT go to waste] and planting some seeds [carrots and lettuce,] onion sets, and bedding plants: three tomatoes [better boy, talladega, and sweet 100s -cherry tomatoes] - as well as two banana peppers, two bell peppers, and basil. I plan to add cucumbers, yellow squash and zucchini. [Lest you feel there's not enough room - we believe in the square foot gardening method - where we use every. single. inch. of space. - And it works! I only wish I had some of Kim's rabbit droppings!]
Watch for garden updates every week or so -

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