Friday, March 27, 2009

Encyclopedia of Your Ordinary Life -T

A few years ago I had the opportunity to complete this extraordinary scrapbook album designed by CathyZ and based on the book, Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life by Amy Rosenthal. While I still haven't read the book, I love the concept of this album - a random sampling of those ordinary facts about your life [my life.] The homework involves keeping a list, A to Z, of random memories for several weeks and then gathering photos [or not] to support these memories. Love it. The album is really very simple [a la Cathy Z] and easy to put together with only two square photos per page and two to four 'definitions.' Have I said I love this album? And I want to share some of my life with you so I've committed to do just that in 2009 [keep in mind this was completed during the summer of 2007.] I'm going backwards and today I present: T


My favorite food – in any form- salsa, ketchup, spaghetti sauce, in a salad with mozzarella, basil, and olive oil. But the best is warm off the vine with a little salt on each bite, eaten like an apple. Love a good sausage biscuit with a slice of fresh tomato, Oh! And bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwiches are pretty yummy too! And now with my ‘little’ stomach issues I must limit my tomato consumption, can you tell I’m in serious tomato with -drawal mode?


A joy of summer. If I didn’t have one then a neighbor did. I had a HUGE [catalpa] tree in the back yard that Joe hung an old tire from and we would swing for hours. Sara Lou had a smaller mimosa tree in her front yard that we hung a stick from and would swing and twist from it until it broke and we fell. We’d land so hard that it would knock the breath out of us – but we kept going and going! So I have fond – if sometimes painful- memories of the tire swing and made sure our boys had one to play on as well. The only one who ever broke it and fell was Miss Kim from next door when we were just playing around with them all one evening.

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morningDove said...

i finally remembered an impressionable woman in my life - my pastor's wife, not bc of that but bc she was my English teacher one year. probably why i love words, reading, etc. thanks for that memory; i was so struggling to acknowledge a woman in my life that encouraged me. definitely not my mother.