Monday, March 30, 2009

Born to Be Wild - Faithbook Class

5 – The Attitudes p 187 – Find a Mentor.

This is a free faithbook class based on the book,

Born to be Wild [rediscover the freedom of fun] by Jill Baughan.

Each week I will share a little from one chapter of the book
[for the ENTIRE reading, you'll need to have the book...]
We'd love to have you join in, post a link to your work in our comments, and the top three participants will get a prize. [Names will be drawn in the event of a tie.]

In the book Jill writes: - people who have traveled difficult roads we’ve yet to start; people who have struggled through treacherous territory with unwavering courage; people who show us that it’s possible to live through loss and emerge, thriving, on the other side of adversity. But is that what I’m looking for today? Nah. Right now I just want a mentor who can be nice and superficial and show me how to have some fun – fun that’s not limited to bingo. Although bingo can be quite lively and even rowdy with the right crowd on a Friday night. A Good Time Mentor is one who – no matter how old – somehow has a handle on the principles in this book…Granted, finding a person who lives as if they’re celebrating one wild party after another is difficult. Therefore I’m suggesting that we be on the lookout for women with maybe just one of the attitudes we’re looking for – get to know them, take them to lunch, ask them how they got so good at this fun thing. Surely you can think of a few of these people right now.

“Praise be to the Lord. He will renew your life and sustain you in your old age. “Ruth 4: 14 -15

Isn’t that all we want? To be not only consistently sustained, but also renewed? To reach the point where we have hope for the future and joy for the day? We can thank God for all kinds of women available to mentor us in these attitudes and to point the way to the party!

Try this: Start a search for older women who have a knack for finding the fun in any situation in life. Each time you find one with a great attitude of one kind or another, make an effort to get to know her. Take her to lunch; invite her into your life.

Scrap Prompt: Use the sketch provided to share how another woman has helped guide or direct your life - at any point during your life...

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