Thursday, March 26, 2009

March Cookie of the Month

Am not sure WHY I didn't make these last week when the boys were home - I've fixed a cute little bucket full that will go in the mail tomorrow... and since I made these quickly between work and Bible Study I completely forgot to take the ingredient photo sorry, okay here goes -
Ingredients: sugar - corn oil - flour - eggs - and vanilla --- how basic is that?
These are the cookies my grandmother made for us so often and when we did a family cookbook - way back in 1988 -- I bet we had twenty tea cake recipes submitted all purporting to be
THE RECIPE that Mama Moland used...
I didn't try them all [I'm not much of a roll-out-the-dough kind of cookie maker] but my sister and I agree that this recipe, submitted by our Aunt Gail, is the closest to the real thing - as we remember it anyway...our grandmother passed away before the cookbook came into being.
Miss Inez Kirby's Tea Cakes
Mix together, drop by spoonfuls on a cookie sheet,
and bake at 350* until brown around the edges:
3/4 cup corn oil -- 2 eggs -- 1 tsp vanilla -- 1 cup sugar -- 2 1/2 cup flour [self-rising]
That's it! And they are delish! These are tablespoon size - about 4 inches round... I usually make them smaller [teaspoon size] but needed them to fit my bucket.
And Mama Moland always made hers HUGE too
- and frosted half with chocolate that got hard and crumbly.

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