Monday, March 30, 2009

garden update:

I’m hoping THIS is blackberry winter.With Easter just a couple of weeks away: redbuds blooming, daffodils fading away, and forsythias now green, SURELY spring has really sprung by now…
It got a little frosty over the weekend so my garden was covered.
Everything seems to be doing well – except for the one banana pepper causality caused by the torrent[s – multiple days!] of rain we got at the end of the week – it’s broken in half – and while I think it might survive, Craig has declared it sub-standard so it will be replaced. When I go for the substitute I’m also looking forward to picking up some squash [zucchini and yellow] plants, and maybe some egg plant and brussel sprout plants as well. Sure don’t want to plant those from seed –
but! the lettuce is starting to come up; the carrots:
well, nothing so far…
We also did the winter yard clean-up this past weekend. We like to wait until spring to drive our little john deere around the yard and fill the wagon pulled behind with all the limbs and [yes] branches that have fallen from our trees during the winter. It takes several hours and multiple wagon fills to complete it all, but we do our best to get up everything that the mower can’t go over. We still have one LARGE limb hanging from a crook in a tree in the back – it needs to be sawed in half to get out – a little more work there, and besides, our cats are having SUCH FUN chasing the squirrels running up and down it.
Ended the evening with a little fire in the fire pit to knock back the chill in the air.
A wonderful way to end a very busy day –
so hello spring!

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morningDove said...

your hosta are gorgeous. don't you feel better after the winter cleanup in the yard. Feels like death has passed and new life is breathing.