Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Born to Be Wild - Faithbook Class

“Come Together” p. 36 – Buddy Up! This is a free faithbook class based on the book, Born to be Wild [rediscover the freedom of fun] by Jill Baughan. We'd love to have you join in, post a link to your work in our comments, and the top three participants will get a prize.

My take: This led me to think about how much silly fun I still have with my girlfriends whether it’s meeting for a quick lunch [or late breakfast] playing around with a new shade of lipstick [still, at our age!] or sharing our hearts in the middle of the night on a Bible Study retreat. Friends are important to me and I love when we can buddy up and gather together to encourage each other!

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saner4 said...

Love your LO. What would we do without our friends to support us and act silly with?! Life wouldn't be the same!