Monday, March 2, 2009

Bit of Explanation

The book is full of wonderful chapters of how we can add more Spirit-filled fun to our lives and it was difficult for me to choose only five for our class. For those who have the book, please feel free to scrap-away with any thoughts inspired by other chapters in the book! I'd love to see the faith based pages it inspires!
My thoughts are that the 'classes' will work in this way -
Mondays - [on the blog] I'll give a little bit from one chapter in the book sharing some of what Jill shares about the topic, along with her scripture reference and thoughts to ponder in 'try this.' I'll also share a sketch and scrap prompt from me. You might be inspired to jump right in and create a layout to share or you might want to think about the idea for a day or two before completing the idea...
Wednesdays -[on the blog] I'll share 'my take' on the idea - with my thoughts and my completed layout based on the sketch provided. Hopefully this will give you a bit more to go on and you'll have your faith based layout completed before Friday [so that you'll be ready for the next idea on the following Monday-]
Fridays - I'll comment on any comments left here on the blog and on the Yahoo Group that's provided for your use
Yahoo Group - [I'll post the link to the right on the blog side bar.] This group is set up for 'student' use - it's not a requirement and class sessions will not be posted there [they are on the blog.] The yahoo group will be loosely moderated and I hope to check in at least a couple of times weekly. Comments on the group should be limited to the class and faith booking in general. Would love to see more in-depth discussion of Jill's book. [Go to: ]
Let me know if there are other questions about how the class will work - I'm new at this 'on-line' class thing, willing to adapt as needed, and seeking the Lord's guidance as I share ways to put our faith on our pages... [lease feel free to share your comments and ideas!

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