Friday, March 6, 2009

FBP Classes Born to be Wild - Buddy Up!

I LOVE to get together with my friends - for Bible study [our retreats are the best!] camping, hiking, Disney, scrapbooking, lunches , going to to the beach, dinners, just hanging out - you get the idea. I'm blessed to have a couple of core groups of friends that have been together for ten
+ years. The photos on my layout were taken during a women's weekend when we really were playing with someone's bright red lipstick.

Note: While the sketch is for 12x12 [or 8x8] I adapted to fit for 8.5x11. It's been fun to see what you guys have done with the idea - both on the FBP classes Yahoo Group and through emails to me. Keep those layouts coming!


Anonymous said...

My layout is in my Photo Album at Faithbased Pages group.

Kim's Album.

It made for a thought provoking lay-out.

Anonymous said...

I am confused - where is the group on-line? I went to our group site, but can't find class information.....

Please put directions ina post on our site...

Thanks and God Bless,