Monday, March 2, 2009

Born to Be Wild - Faithbook Class

“Come Together” p. 36 – Buddy Up!
This is a free faithbook class based on the book,
Born to be Wild [rediscover the freedom of fun] by Jill Baughan.
Each week I will share a little from one chapter of the book
[for the ENTIRE reading, you'll need to have the book...]
We'd love to have you join in, post a link to your work in our comments, and the top three participants will get a prize. [Names will be drawn in the event of a tie.][All sketches are based on advertisements in the January 2009 Oprah Magazine]
In the book Jill writes, " The advantages of gathering together often outshine going it alone. It’s just more fun that way. The fun you have when you team up with a friend is priceless. Not always worth a lot, maybe – but priceless just the same. It’s just that we’re so busy & arranging to get together takes time & effort & calendar coordination…however, when two or more are gathered, you can have a kind of recreation that you wouldn’t dream up on your own.
Try This:
What kinds of fun have you had when you teamed up with one or more friends? Is there something you’d love to do with them that you just haven’t made the time for yet?
Hebrews 10:25, “Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another. “
Paul knew, and so do you, that God doesn’t intend for us to do this life alone."
Scrap Prompt [from Judy]: Use this sketch to create a layout about friends you buddy up with - daily, weekly, or every once in a while to have some fun and share God's goodness.
Note: You are invited to join the Faith Based Pages Classes Yahoo Group to share in this class if you would like - it is not a requirement to be a part of the class, but is set up so that those participated can share a little more deeply and upload their projects ot one central place. Go to:


Tessa said...

Hi Judy I saw the class information on the CKU Nashville yahoo group. I ordered the book. Sounds like a fun and meaningful class. I look for to tomorrow when the class starts.


Katherine said...

Hi Judy!
I joined the Yahoo group and I'm ready for class tomorrow! Should I sharpen the pencils? LOL!! : )

Anonymous said...

Just got my book today and will start diving in tomorrow. Thank you Judy for sharing this study. I hope to really get some good things out of it, especially during this thoughtful and thankful time of Lenten. What great timing! Christy Dunham (Your Inspired 2009 Sister)

Linda said...

My layout for the first challenge...