Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Scrap Space

To the left I have a wire shelving unit and two stacks of storage drawers on the floor. The shelving unit [from Big Lots] is three wire cubes stacked on top of each other. It holds old magazines and craft books, as well as cricut cartridges and my stamping container – I’m not a big stamper and have only alphabet stamps that all fit in this one storage container. [My cricut sets on part of my computer desk that abuts this unit.] The storage drawers hold stickers and papers by theme [outdoors, seasons, holidays, etc], as well as by color, using the ROYGBIV method. A couple of drawers also hold knitting and crochet supplies as well as labeling systems. On top of the drawers I have my trimmer and alphabet [stickers, chipboard, and rub-on] basket [divide in bags by color]
Above this is a set of shelves Craig made by turning a shelving unit [from K-Mart, bathroom storage section] on it’s side and cutting a couple of more dividers. The sections hold: a box for modpodge and decorative scissors, paint with brushes behind, ribbons on spools he made to fit, mini albums, and photo storage envelopes. Love this shelf – it’s so nice and handy to my ‘work’ area. On top of the shelf I have some little Disney mementos, clear jars [Wal-Mart] with embellishments: odds bits of ribbon, metal, flowers, etc. and another little basket of odds and ends. There’s also the clip-on light that helps my aging eyes…and I have cup hooks under this shelf where I can hang favorite [recently completed] layouts by clips.
More tomorrow...

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