Monday, February 23, 2009

My Scrap Space

First, I want to be clear - I’m not sharing my space because I think it’s “all that, ” because, hey, I know it’s not. I’ve seen those photos of all the beautiful scrap spaces some people have…and honestly, I don’t have the money, space, or inclination for that. [Well, maybe, if I had the money…lol] I share my space to show what works for me – and keep in mind that it changes a little each year as my process of crafting changes…. I know that everyone doesn’t have a designated area for their crafting [for many years my craft supplies were stored in the laundry room and taken out to be used at my dining room table, only to be put away again when supper-time came.]
When we moved a few years ago I was so pleased to have an extra room we could use as an office / scrap space. [Our computer cabinet is in there as well as a futon, Craig’s desk, files, and his storage closet.] I was even more pleased to find that a table we’d had custom made for our first home fit perfectly into the little alcove that all my scrap goodies would call home.
Thus, my scrap desk:[and sadly, or not so - because it means I'm taking time to play -
this is what it looks like most of the time...]

My desk is set up so that I can easily pack up for a crop. To the left is stackable containers that hold my pens and water color pencils. Then my [wheeled] carry-on luggage that holds embellishments divided into fishing tackle boxes by color. [CM cutting tools are stored in the inside pocket.] My adhesive container [again, stackable] is in front of this. My scissor / small tool container sits on the top embellishment box. Moving to the right you see another container with large and most often used punches as well as my small xryon. Then, a box for inks & chalks with my photo file on top of it. Next is a little clear drawer container I picked up at a thrift store while at Scrap Bowl last year. It holds additional embellishments divided, again, by color. On top of this is my tool caddy, scripture rolodex, and some bling…and of course Figment to help with my imagination! Also another little tool caddy I made from a 6pack drink carrier... An additional lamp is next, and then a stack of recently used scrap papers waiting to be re-used or re- filed is in front of the lamp. I have a quilters cutting board on top of my desk with a piece of glass [from a frame bought at a thrift store] over it for easy cutting and cleaning. A little florist frog holds some additional tools. I store extra bags, RAK goodies, and storage cases [cricut] underneath.
More tomorrow...

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