Thursday, January 22, 2009

Reading More Lately

And enjoying it so much! I’ve always, always loved to read and can usually devour a book in a day or two [thus the reason I must be careful about getting my head into a book – not much else gets done if I’m stuck in a book.] During the time that we were putting together Faith Based Monthly [scrapbooking] Kits [past kits are still available at a reduced price by-the-way] I was consumed with finding just the right products for each and every kit which left little time for reading… so really, it’s been a little over three years since I’ve taken the time to read recreationally. And can I just say it’s great to be back with some of my favorite ‘friends’?! Loving it, but still trying to use my time wisely… in recent weeks I’ve read three books: High Calling: The Courageous Life and Faith of Space Shuttle Columbia Commander Rick Husband by Evelyn Husband; Multiple Blessings by Jon and Kate Gosselin; and Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. This last one should be out in a movie soon and is the January Book for the BPS Reading Room [an on-line book club I joined in November of last year.] And Since I’m a total nut about Jon and Kate + 8 I was thrilled to get their book for Christmas and had finished it in two days. So neat to get some behind the scenes perspective – they are believers who are totally trusting God as they go through this life He has planned for them. [Can you even IMAGINE having 6 children under the age of seven?!?]

And High Calling was great – I bet you remember exactly what you were doing when you heard of Columbia’s tragedy [I was in our den with all the windows open on a warm winter day in the South, with Craig doing a few chores outside, the boys still asleep, and the TV on the NASA station – available since our little town has so many ties to the mission of space --- as I straightened things up to get ready to clean, when I heard there was no contact – surely everyone got the same news as we did, but I remember such a chilling force as the news unfolded. Knew the pilot was a believer, they’d played ‘Shout to the Lord’ as his wake-up call afterall… in short, this book is fantastic – Evelyn Husband does a remarkable job of painting the reality and imperfections of their lives as the Lord directed their paths [even in the times they were unaware of it.] And over and over as Rick grew closer to the Lord, he’d say, “The Lord has exciting plans for us.”

It’s no secret that I deal with a little anxiety from time-to-time. [lol] I look around and see the struggles that friends and family go through with health, death of children, poor financial decisions, and behavioral issues and I know that I’m blessed. I have a comfortable life, my kids are balanced [I think, anyway!] and I have the most wonderful and supportive husband… During the fall of 2008 satan used this to really get to me – trying to have me think about how something tragic must happen to me [or my children or my husband] in order for me to ‘pay’ for these blessings some how. The anxiety was horrible – always thinking something tragic would happen at any minute…and after reading this book the Lord and I had many – many conversations about my moving from ‘what do I have to endure to see God’s blessing in my life?’ to, ‘God has exciting things for me.’ This book was a powerful influence in my growth in this area. Because, I know that life is precious and can be changed in a moment [I saw that first-hand as a sixth grader getting ready for a birthday party when my best friend received a life-changing head injury in a car wreck; when we had our own wreck over 20 years ago and flipped end over end more than five times, and many more times throughout my life] but also, I know that God is faithful. I’ve felt His presence in my life during the bad times and the good… so after reading this book, I wrote in my journal [that I write in occasionally – I’m not a serious journal every day kind of gal…] “I really think I am so blessed & live a charmed life already – to the point of wondering when I’ll be slapped with some tragedy. So the other day God and I were talking…and how He wants to bless me [us – His children!] and does – just because He loves us. And how He wants to bless us and have us accept His blessings – freely – without a cost – just because He loves us. He wants me to see that He has exciting things for me and that I should live with the anticipation of that – and with His help, I’m trying to live with the anticipation of what He has planned for me” instead of the dread of what satan might do…Does this mean I believe I’ll never again have a tragedy in my life? Not a chance, I know this life we live is filled with the good, the bad, and the ugly, but with God’s help I will make the choice to accept the positive – to accept His blessings and, more importantly, His presence as we walk through this life together. Because, without Him, what is the purpose of our lives anyway? I hope and pray that you’ll make this choice with me…


morningDove said...

great post. those 8 children are so wonderful. can you imagine if they had decided to terminate their lives? what a tragedy that would have been.

Lisa J. said...

Oh I love to read too Judy! I am doing the BPS books as well. I finished Confessions of a Shopaholic. It was interesting. So you are putting some kits together? yes I caught that. I hope all is well. I think of you often. Actually mentioned yesterday that I was sad there was no ScrapBowl this year! Well I am glad to hear of your relationship with the Lord deepening. He is such an amazing Lord. So amazing that our flesh makes it difficult to accept doesn't it? But that is his true, deep, abiding love!! He gives it so freely! Praise Him!