Saturday, January 24, 2009

Are you having a *Monday*?

The bank teller asked the customer in front of me… I’m assuming she meant something along the lines of – are you having a bad day? And this got me to thinking -- Are Mondays *bad days* for you? Is it the ‘ole get back to work, back to the grind thing? What are your Mondays like for you? Me? I love Mondays – I travel a little for work and always cherish having Mondays in my office to re-group and sort my schedule – check up on emails that might have been passed over during the rush of the week and plan my life for the coming days. Mondays are always good days for me. A day to get organized and feel some sort of control over my crazy schedule. I need them and feel a little discombobulated without them. Give me a week with a Monday holiday and I’m out of sorts all – week – long- Fortunately for me, despite the Monday Holiday, this entire week has been a week of Mondays – very nice to have time to organize and sort all the new information I’ve gathered from the new work project I’ve been on for the last four months. Nice to have time to sort and put away end-of-the-year items. Nice to get re-acquainted with some projects that were pushed to the side when the new stuff took precedence. Nice.

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Lee said...

Monday is my favourite day - especially after the chaos that is our weekends. Monday is my day to regroup!