Thursday, January 29, 2009

Be There Poem

If you listen
In the silence
You will find
An opening
An opportunity
A window
To the future
You're Invited to
Be There

A place
Beyond race, religion,
Income, geography
It doesn't require
Additional resources
Of time or money
Make the most of the time you have...
Of the family you are, single parent, two parent, grandparent, blended,
It's all inside you...
Be There

Begin a new tradition
A sacred daily practice
To start and end the day...
Whatever time of day that is
It transcends school
Barriers, boundaries
Here, there are no obstacles
Only opportunities to
Be There

Get to the heart of
What's in your child's heart
Meet them where they live
And open to the possibilities
Here, there is no achievement gap
Just achievement
Success shines from the inside out
And life changes for generations
Be There

In a moment
You feel the difference
It's real...
By being present
You've connected and created peace
Eye to eye, heart to heart
Truth, trust are born
At any age...every age
Be There

By Wendy Elwell

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Hope said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing this.