Monday, May 26, 2008

[our nephew in Iraq]

These days everyone must be touched by the military in one way or another. So this Memorial Day I hope you join with me as we give thanks for these men and women who so willingly serve our country. Some here, in the land of the free and the brave, and others in far-a-way lands. As we helped M complete his selective service paperwork after his 18th birthday I couldn’t help but be especially thankful that we have so so many who feel the calling to serve our country in so many different ways. And while our boys don’t feel that calling right now we do have friends and family in the service, going into the service after high school graduation, or those we know who served many years ago.

Please take a moment with me to say a prayer of thanks for this extraordinary country we’re privileged to live in and for the men and women who willingly step out to protect and provide for our freedom.

On a different note – our Memorial Day tradition has included the

Hot Air Balloon Festival [Jubilee] in Decatur for many, many years

[I think our first Jubilee was 1988. So this may be our 20th Jubilee!] As the boys have grown and had increased activities for this weekend our participation has ebbed and flowed. While we used to camp and play for the entire weekend [and some years for the whole week prior while driving back in for work or school…] this year we just didn’t have the time to be very involved. C & D went over Friday evening and helped Jeff with his balloon for the Daikin Festival while I helped M get everything together for his senior trip. But I couldn’t let the weekend go by without seeing the balloons at least once. So C and I went back over yesterday afternoon and met up with Jeff and some others… Love the whoosh and the swish of the burn as they inflate and lift so very effortlessly into the wind. Just beautiful!
Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

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