Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So this week we have family coming into town for the graduation. We LOVE having friends and family in our home! #1 – We truly enjoy being with those we love, and #2 it helps us take a fresh look at our home and review things we may have ‘let go’ a bit - as well as projects we’ve been wanting to complete. [Because you know my theory is – there’s ALWAYS something that needs doing if you have a home.] Anyone else feel this way? Or get crazy busy before guests are expected?

And I’m a list-maker – this has been a long one…things ranging from prune the azaleas to donate stuff to Good Will. And anything and everything in between. I’ll even write things on the list after they’re completed so I can mark it off and feel good about it. – Love that sense of accomplishment. It’s been a busy spring – and my list has gone from four pages down to two – and I’m happy to say that most things have a bright pink line across them at the moment. Some items are long-term and obviously won’t get done before graduation, and some are last minute and will be completed on Wednesday before the big day – namely buying and planting some beautiful flowers in our planter on the lamppost [I admit – I have no green thumb and only buy bedding plants for this spot when friends or family are expected – any other time, if you drive by our house, the only thing you’ll see in that planter is ivy - and maybe an occasional dead plant from the last time we had guests…] It does make for a pretty welcome so I always try and have something colorful in there.

Still, I’m thrilled with the things we’ve accomplished these last few weeks – like the light in our dining area – been wanting that for a while – and truly love it! And having the storm windows cleaned inside and out – a hard job and my sweetie did it all for me! And having the stairs cleaned – gotta love that Little Green machine! Our porch is painted and looks so fresh and bright; the kitchen is all touched up [and still loving the ceiling from last fall,] and the back patio area is trimmed and blooming anew with spring and summer flowers. So we feel good in our accomplishments and can relax and enjoy the week. We’re thankful we’re [almost] done with the ‘to-do’ list, but more than that, we’re thankful for our house, our home. Yes, keeping a house in good repair and updated and ‘fresh’ is [on-going] work [especially when said home is 50+ years old], but we’re so thankful to have the home we have.

To have a place where friends and family can gather, where the boys’ friends feel welcomed and ‘at-home’ at anytime We’d looked for just the right house for several years when five years ago this month we walked through this one one night after church while talking with the realtor on the cell-phone [the door was mistakenly left unlocked] and fell in love with both the exactness and quirkiness of this home. It felt like ours from the beginning. After I drove by it in the daylight at 5:30 a.m the next day [heading to work out of town...] we did the contract for it that very day! - and we thank the Lord for it everyday.

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