Monday, November 19, 2018

So. I'm doing the great

crafty purge...
Makes sense to do it just as we're preparing for the holidays,  doesn't it? Ha.
But here's the truth.. .
 my attic was so full of stuff that I could barely turn around in it, 
so some of it had to go. 
Thirteen boxes from the attic alone... Yes.
Along the way I found some oldies but goodies from classes I taught back in the day. 
This is a favorite - Faithful Women in My Life, circa 2008 or so..
 I kinda love the old school pop stick and hair band binder...
And y'all know I love that paper from Margie Romney ASlett's early days!
When you open it up, it's actually a fold out 
to reveal women who have influenced my life -
 Starting with my mom and gr-mama, of course...
Then a bit about my cRaZy wonderful, God-lovin' aunts - 
And other women I didn't have photos of ---
Next my sweet friends who have stuck together 
through good times and the trials of life...
This book is easy-peasy...
was a quick little class that I taught back in the day...
Just gather some paper, photos, and hand-write your info...
Then stick it all down. 
Have a great week, y'all!

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