Monday, September 24, 2018

I've been meaning to share these photos

But just haven't. 
No excuses other than - livin' life.
Y'all may remember that back in the late spring we enjoyed a little time in Nevada...
Craig had some work out there and I tagged along. 
This is the little TN
[Traveler's Notebook]
that I took along -  
I know I've shared TNs before - 
but as a re-cap -- this is NOT my scrapbook of the trip -- 
I'll complete pages with more photos and put them in our travel album...
-- And YES - I realize many of these photos are BLUR-ry [it's not your eyes!]
I took them in a hurry, as I was walking out the door one day - 
 and haven't had time for a re-take.
It is what it is -- as my sweetheart would say -- 
Still - we so enjoyed going out to Mt. Charleston 
where it was at least 50* cooler at the top!
Basically, I take the TN along and journal in it - bullet style - each night of our trip...
Things like the temps [100* - whee!], where we shop, beautiful views, etc. 
LOVED walking up to the view from the 'new' bridge. SO COOL.
I leave a space on every other page or so for a photo - 
This is a neat little park-like area RIGHT ON THE STRIP that we had never noticed before.
And tape in the maps [usually from tourist books] that we used during the trip...
[This one folds out accordion style and has photos and postcards taped inside.] 
I love that I have a pretty detailed list of what happened each day -
OUr last evening there it cooled off to the 80s and 
was nice to walk around and look at the lights -
[We enjoyed a meal at Giada's, but honestly thought the food at 
Bobby Flay's Mesa Grille was SO MUCH better!]
 You can see that not every page is completely filled - so I fill it in with scrapbook stuff when I get home -- these are actual tickets we got during a work reception one night --
And yes, I've been known to keep my key and tape it in also --
Along with photos taken from our hotel room...
Extra pages are filled with photos - 
These from the Mars Cactus Garden, and Old hotels in the Boulder City area...
I always like to get at least one photo of us in the plane...
And I'll tape just about anything in the book that I think is fun - 
Plane cookies - shaped like planes? 
Yes, please.
With another photo taped to the back of the packaging.
Obviously - acid free is not my concern...

The last pages were filled with additional photos - 
including one of my favorite plants under our little light in our yard...
Welcome Home.
-- Would love to see how y'all use TNs in your travels!

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