Sunday, September 30, 2018

I'm thinking it would be good

to share a bit of the REAL photos with you -
If, for no other reason, than to show that 
I can, in fact, take photos that aren't blurry - ha - 
So here's a quick down and dirty re-cap of our trip to Nevada back in May...
We got into town early and had ... 
It really was good!
 Then we headed to Mt. Charleston -- so pretty! 
Our first time out that way - 
and we loved the cooler temps as we drove higher and higher!
We enjoyed the Ethel M. Mars cacti garden - 
 And always love to how neighborhoods might be different from ours -  
LOVE the older motel signs!
And driving out to see Hoover Dam - 
And finally having the time to walk up to the new bridge - 
Such amazing views!
We ate with  both Bobby and Giada -  
Bobby wins! 
But Giada's photo booth was fun!
We did yoga 'with' dolphins -- also pretty neat!
Except: It was HOT yoga --- wheeeeeee
  and then spend the afternoon on Freemont Street - 
another somethin' somethin' we'd never taken the time for...
While Craig wa in meetings I hung out by the pool and read a bit...
And the night befopre we left it cooled down to a comfortable 80*. Ha, 
So we enjoyed walking the strip and looking at the sights. 
And, always in Vegas, there were lots of sights to see.

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