Monday, June 4, 2018

Lotty Scotty Update #003-2018

Late last month we enjoyed gathering with other vintage Serro Scotty owners.
It's always fun to learn from each other and 
enjoy seeing how others have tackled the renovation process!
Two things to note about this trip:
It rained - a lot. 
But not enough to ruin the weekend...
And we had Emma along 
because she's been at the Boarding House far too much already  - 
She did great.
And, okay, three - the site we were on was basically on a bluff and I made Craig chain the camper to the truck [even though he'd done an exceptional job getting it level] because I couldn't relax for thinking it might tumble off the edge during the night. 
I know. 
Crazy anxiety. 
But he indulged me.
We enjoyed meeting new people, hosting a campfire at our site,
[LOVING the fire pit Craig created from a stainless washer drum!]
And of course, S'Mores!
It was also VERY NICE to have time to just relax in nature - 
loved how the moon peeked through the trees... 
 and I also enjoyed having time to finish up a book or two...
[My bookshelf is FULL y'all.]
I didn't get any detailed shots, but we enjoyed having the camp kitchen in the back, kind of out of sight, from the front of Lottie... and of course, we're still loving our table and chairs that we use instead of the scratchy picnic tables that may or may not have spiders lurking underneath. 
All in all, a fun weekend with other scotty lovers like us!

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