Monday, May 14, 2018

Recap of the weekend -

Oh,  goodness - 
It's probably been 8 - 10 years since we've been to Panama City Beach -
We went down for a quick trip to be with the oldest and dau-law as 
she competed in the Iron Man - 
[she's awesome, I tell ya!]
She had told us we'd have plenty of time to enjoy the beach while she was competing,
so I loved seeing these shirts that another family wore - 
And. That's pretty much what we did - lol
We enjoyed the beautiful view from our room at the Edgewater Resort
The beach [and water!] are beautiful!
 And the water was calm enough to get in for a bit. 
We had good food all weekend [of course] and the meal at 
Captain Anderson's was as good as Craig and his mom remembered.
It was wonderful to have time late in the afternoon [Golden Hour!] on the beach - 
and sunset was the perfect ending to a great day!
PCB really is beautiful once you're on the beach!
Problem, is there's just no easy way to get there - lol

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