Wednesday, May 16, 2018

100 Day Challenge update!

Remember - no judging!
LOL - 
Because --
How cna I go from this:
To THIS - ha!

 I really do need to take a class on animal drawing!!

 And I love this one, inspired by an on-line class; it reminds me of the she-art girls that got me started on my little art journey...
This one is reflective of how I feel as summer is upon us 
and I've been to the beach twice already -
And these are some that reflect our days near Dauphin Island - 
This one has a base of a catalog beach scene that I painted over a bit [and added waves] before using die-cut numbers and alpha stickers.
And this on is my attempt to draw the seagulls that are always a 
welcomed sight when we go to The Gulf - 
I printed the chip bag on the computer and glued it in - ]
Still loving the 100 day challenge as 
I use my art journal to document our lives a bit - 
More to come!

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