Friday, May 25, 2018

Hrre's more from

my art journal and the 100 Day Challenge - 
Still loving it! 
Soo..  we're working backwards a bit from mother's day...
The background on this page is some paper that wrapped a dish I bought - 
I used it to wipe excess paint off my paint brushes I - love the mixed look of it all! 
[I added paint around the photo to blend it in a bit - ]
This one is to show what an awesome job Haley did swimming in the ocean while doing the ironman. [Inspired by google art - ]
 I'm trying to add a map in when we travel -- 
And also wanted to capture some memories of childhood trips to PCB - 
Cool thing: Craig found a sand dollar on this trip that's bigger than a half dollar -
[It's bleaching [and getting the stinky out] as I type this - ]
But I've got to stay home long enough to plant them!
Flowers are made with crepe paper streamers and patterned paper.
Another church for a Sunday morning - and the octopus is an inside joke.
I don't eat it.
That was pretty clear to those around me one day - ha.
And lastly, a simple cacti scene that I did on May 5th.
Used patterned papers and washi tapes.
I think cacti will show up again in a week or so...
Hope y'all are sticking with the 100 Day Challenge!
We're half-way through!

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