Friday, April 27, 2018

You guys!

I’ve been wanting to attend what I call a blogger conference for a while now [Haven, Becoming, etc. – But omgoodness if you google it there are hundreds to choose from!]
 [And notice that I am continuing on with the 100 Day Challenge -]
I chose Becoming...  I have a few friends who have been attending this one for years and, while not necessarily faith based, most [if not all] of the speakers speak freely of their 
relationship with our Lord.
 It’s basically a [mostly] women’s conference with a bunch of bloggers giving a little peek into their lives – as well as inspiration on how to improve in many areas of your life.
And, I've gotta say - 
Jen Schmidt with Balancing Beauty and Bedlam 
throws the hospitality OUT THERE, y'all!
If you've not picked up her book, 
Just Open the Door
you've got to go get a copy now!!
We all gathered together in 
Lake Junaluska, North Carolina last weekend. 
Of course, I made a TN [traveler’s notebook] 
to keep up with everything. 
That’s what I’m going to share with you today –
I made this myself using an old school folder [the kind with pockets on the inside cover,] and plain paper cut to size. I use an extra-long stapler to keep it all together. You’ll see that I included a couple of catalog pages from a favorite clothing company, just to add some contrasting pages, color, and represent the women at the conference [plus, I love looking at these clothes – ha]
I used the same washi tape [from Michael’s – for planners – I think] throughout to give it a bit of continuity – 
I punched a half circle in the front / back pockets – 
and I made ‘cards’ for each speaker – 
just copied and pasted from the conference info onto scrapbook paper. The ‘title’ page is a view from my hotel room…
I used pre-planned photo spacers to mark where I wanted photos and journaled [bullet-style] around those. 
[The washi was added before I left for the conference also – ]
When I had a break during the day I’d write a few lines about the most mundane things that happened as I went throughout the day –
I love recording these tiny bits of life on the road 
because those are the things that 
help me remember the MOMENTS that happen along the way – 
So many times in the hustle or bustle of travel I forget the fun of seeing things [like the prairie dog that welcomed us to Carmel, CA a few years back – lol. ] Doing a quick re-cap of each day helps me remember and enjoy the trip again and again –
Karianne of Thistlewood Farms was so sweet and funny… 
and I love the project she helped us do [photo later -]
Back to the TN - knowing I will be adding photos in makes me be a little more intentional about the photos I take 
 – because I want to capture the story –  
Fashion and Compassion sponsored a bracelet making session and I’ve gotta say I love what they do – 
and they made bracelet –making VERY easy!
And I love adding in little bits / photos from magazines that highlight the area I’m visiting –
It was wonderful to spend time with some bloggers 
that I’ve been reading for years now – 
including my ‘home-girl’ Christy with Southern Plate – lol
Truly, such an inspiration! She led a wonderful early morning chapel service plus another session or two, just sharing her heart and inspiring us to live positive, Bible-believin’ lives.
I so enjoyed having a little time to visit with 
Rosemary [Not Just Paper and Paint] and 
Vanessa [At the Picket Fence]  
[Can you see I have on my pearls to honor Mrs. Bush?]
– And I taped in the postcard from my room. 
Note: I’m not all about acid free – I just take regular tape 
{{and washi}} 
along with me, and use it as I go. 
I figure things are still stuck down in my mama’s scrapbook from the 1950s, so that’s good enough for me – lol.
This was a beautiful [Methodist Church] Retreat Center -  
and the schedule was jam-packed. 
So it was nice to take a break and enjoy the views… 

Here’s the sign I made in the pre-class with Karianne. 
And I was told those giant paper flowers were made
by one of Jen’s daughters – 
They were a beautiful décor on the wall of one of our sessions –
I used little bits of washi tape with the days of the week on them to highlight when some of the photos were taken –
And I added in notes that I thought of as I was driving home –
Documenting that I saw two dead BEARS on the side of the road… deer and the occasional coyote I’m used to, but bears? Oh. My. Maybe THAT’S why the speed limit is 55 on those roads…
And lastly, I taped in the tickets for each session – as well as the info from Fashion and Compassion.  I always find it interesting to look back on the price of things after a few years go by –
The back pocket holds my ‘library card’ I made with my schedule on it [I tucked it into my name badge so it was handy to reference] and a little note pad I made to take notes in each of the sessions – Again, just a nice way for me to keep all of my notes together from this conference because I’ll be going back over them a few times before this goes on the shelf –
These notes include inspiring words from all of the sessions I attended, as well as from Jen Schmidt about hospitality –
I enjoyed hearing Dana  K. White [from A Slob Comes Clean] talk about Decluttering at the Speed of Light – she was GREAT! I’m not sure why we didn’t get a photo together, bc we sat near each other at a couple of other sessions – 
And Party Like It’s 1999 [ha]with Jessica Smartt had fun ideas for kids as well as adult gatherings – [makes me want to do winter soup nights again -] Tiffany King gave us ideas on ways to prepare dinners quickly. And there were lots of other speakers that I wish I could've heard! Go check out their blogs – I know you’ll find inspiration for so many areas of your life!!
Next year Becoming will be at the end of September,
so go ahead and mark your calendar so you can join in the fun!

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