Friday, March 30, 2018

Oh. Goodness.

I meant to share these photos a couple of weeks ago - 
But. Life happens. 
With work, and travel, my sweet sister-in-law's passing, a trip with Lottie, an uncle brought to ICU here in town, and other things going on in our lives I've not posted like I'd planned...
So here you go - 
Some of my Easter Spring time decorations 'round the house - 
Still loving the vintage bunnies I found at at a thrift / consignment shop
in Opelika more than a few years back.
Thought I'd try something different and make a 'basket'
in one of my vintage train cases...
I think it's adorable.
And another little vintage bunny is on a side table 
with a print I've had a couple of years 
[I can't even remember where it came from right now -]
I'm loving this little wreath of eggs I picked up at a thrift store for $1.99 - 
And I have a few bunnies sitting around to brighten things up. 
But I always want to remember what we're celebrating on Easter - 
My mama always said that the eggs and tiny bunnies
reminded us of the new life we have in Christ. 
I kinda like that - 
We're NOT celebrating bunnies or eggs - 
[like some of the picketers on a corner in my town may want to say -]
We ARE celebrating that Christ has victory over death!
I love this weekend of Easter so VERY MUCH - 
and I'm always a little tenderhearted
 because I know how much my mama loved it too.
How wonderful to KNOW [with assurance] 
that our loved ones who have gone before us 
are rejoicing in heaven with Jesus. 
I'm so thankful for that!
Scroll on down 
if you want to see some of my door decor ideas using the wreath 
I made by wrapping a Styrofoam square [from packaging] iwth burlap:
Just tucked a sleeping bunny in - 
 ... a felted bunny - so cute, 
but I had no way to keep him secure -  
And the one I'm using, because it can stay a while. 
This little canvas print came from Old Time Pottery, I think...
Happy Easter y'all - 
Would love to hear how you celebrate!

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