Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Lottie Scotty Update #002-2018

I've always enjoyed cooking up  a little meal while we're camping...
Although many of my gal pals [and I] WILL admit one reason we enjoyed camping so much when the kids were younger is that 
THE GUYS did all the cooking - Yes. 
And still do... if it has anything to do with FIRE. ha.

A favorite meal has always been 
chicken quesadillas - 
Quick and easy to do with leftover or canned chicken mixed with a little salsa...
But last week I wanted to try something different when I saw a recipe in a magazine for 
black bean quesadillas - 
Beans are supposed to be good for the heart [AND DIABETES] and all that -
Plus, I do love black beans...
I mixed the beans and salsa together before we left home so it was ready to go... 
then spread some out on a tortilla [we're loving these made from flax right now -]

Next, I tossed [hmm, gently placed] them in my electric skillet that had a little butter melted.. let them melt and brown on one side, then buttered the skillet a bit more and turned and browned on the other side...
[I'll admit that I buttered the skillet by rubbing the end of a butter stick lightly over the surface, so no measuring, but probably less that 1/2 tablespoon... and I had even coverage. 
Do any of y'all do this?]
While they were cooking up I made my quick tried / true guac that we love: 
Mashed avocado with a bit of dehydrated onion + may and salt = 
And Enjoying a meal out in nature?
One last photo of the camp kitchen we used for the first time this trip - 
The black bean quesadillas?
Not so much - 
We'll be going back to chicken next time. 
What's your favorite camping meal?

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