Monday, February 26, 2018

I've probably over-saturated

you guys with our photos from the beach -
But I wanted to re-cap our little get-a-way here today - 
I'm involved with the Alabama Conference of Social Work
and so enjoy being able to attend the conference each year
[The Gulf to us - ]
We lived close to The Gulf when we were first married so we always try to get back to it at least once a year - sometimes more...
So during the conference we try to go down a day or two earlier - or stay a day or two afterwards - depending on what the weather might be - And we usually stay in the same room, on the same floor, so we can have this same view 
[-- and afternoon sun which we love.]
It was so nice to have sunny skies!
[and a beautiful sunrise  or two as well!]
But the clouds did come in a few days later 
and it was just as cool to wake up to a very foggy beach a few mornings - 
I love traveling with my sweetheart!
[Love that he can work while I'm in my meetings - ]
We tried a few new places to eat [BuzzCats, Brick and Spoon,] but also stayed true to our favorites: The Shrimp Basket and Doc's [so good!]. 
We took time to look at our plans / schedules/ calendars for the months ahead, as well time to just relax, walk on the beach, hike a little trail, read, or just do nothing. Ha.
The conference is always excellent - with wonderful sessions to increase knowledge, network, and of course, get those CEUs.
Check out ACSW at the link above or on facebook, here -
 We had WONDERFUL WARM WEATHER [in the 80*!!] much of the week, so it was no surprise to come home to all the early spring flowers bursting out in glorious colors!
Y'all know how much I love the spring in the south! 
After some sustained rainy cold days I am so ready for it!
And I know, I know... we still have blackberry winter, etc. etc. - 
but I'm enjoying the warm while it's here!
[And least you worry - we DO have people 
who check the house / pets/ etc. while we're gone -]

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