Friday, February 23, 2018

A few weeks ago I saw

a thread on the Illustrated Faith FB Group 
about Valentines / Love - 
I saved a few of my favorites
[and I apologize for not having the original creators' names -
you can go to the FB Group and search Valentines / Love to find them - and many more!] to use as inspiration for some pages in my Bible - 
Here's my take on the bottom right - 
Love the lettering and different colors of hearts!

This one is inspired by the bottom left - 
Y'all know I love a good blue canning jar!
And hearts floating out?
Yes. Please.
[Side note - I'm not thrilled with the adjacent page that I created a few years back - not a fan of all that red, 
but it is what it is - ]
This was inspired by the top left - 
I tried to create a three strand cord, 
not sure I succeeded. ha.
But I think the birds are adorable.
And I really love the cross 
on the top right inspiration piece - 
But when I got to that scripture I found that I'd already stamped and colored some butterflies at the top of the page, so I used the lettering as inspiration -
I also had already used washi tape [Illustrated Faith] to put in a transparency with butterflies.
I don't always build off of others' ideas, but sometimes it can help me get started, or help me create something when I don't have a lot of time 
[I did all of these pages in about an hour.]
Where do you get your inspiration?


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