Wednesday, January 24, 2018

We're trying to eat at home

a bit more these days - 
I just think it's healthier than fast food
[and let's face it, very few {chain} restaurants 
prepare their meals with fresh ingredients in the kitchen either...]
 That said, we are buying some pre-prepared foods - lol...
And we're enjoying some selections from Aldi - 
We had their pre-seasoned turkey breast a couple of weeks ago 
and it was delicious and so easy!  
So this week we picked up this broccoli stuffed chicken breast and popped it in the oven while I cooked some fresh veggies to go with it - 
I sauted' sliced zucchini and yellow squash with a tiny bit of olive oil then tossed in a tablespoon of corn meal at the end -   
 I know the photo doesn't look great, but it was good enough to do it all again - 
And that's the real test of goodness - 
"Would you eat again?" 
- The question I've asked after new recipes for the last 34 years - lol. 
What are you cooking up these days?

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