Friday, January 26, 2018

Most of you know

I spent much of our snow day[s] cleaning up my art room - 
studio - office - 
whatever you want to call it...
And I sorted hundreds of scrapbook pages into their correct albums...
In the process I came across some favorite faith based pages
 I've done through the years and 
wanted to share some of these with you today -
Some are about what I believe about God -  
[This is an 8x10 print cut out into a silhouette -]
And others are scripture - 
Love this verse that perfectly describes what I was thinking 
while we were snowmobiling in Colorado a few years back - 
And this last one is actually a page that I put into a frame - 
[Picture taken at The Gulf during sunrise one morning - ]

We can express [and share] our faith in lots of differnet mediums - 
I've always thought, if God is a part of my life, then it's only natural that this relationship will come out on my scrapbook pages... and in my art...
How do you share your faith creatively?

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