Friday, January 19, 2018

Project Eighteen -

two of my favorite creative souls, 
have joined together for this year-long project of photographing our every day lives -
a " simple photo challenge that will help reveal the magic in your everyday life!"
According to them, "All you have to do is Take 18 photos 
on the 18th of each month in 2018—
and then share them on Instagram with the hashtag #projecteighteen
 so we can connect and cheer each other on."
They plan to choose a different theme each month, share their photos, 
offer their photography and storytelling wisdom, and encourage you to do the same.
Sounds easy enough, right?
This month;s theme was: morning, noon, and night and let's just start with above, clockwise, if you will -- 1] KittyLou is always ready to help me wake up and get started with the day; 2] My life saver; 3] Temps outside and in, brrr; 4] KittyLou ready to rush downstairs and out the door for three seconds before coming back in,,,ha; 5] Breakfast - not sure what possessed me to fry bologna - I haven't eaten that in over twenty years! and 6] Putting on my face for the day, as my mama used to say...
[You can see I"m striving for the ordinary...]
 Let's continue, from bottom left, and closkwise:
7] Late start to work due to the weather; 8] Still a full calendar of lists; 9] Running errands downtown; 10] Responding to some paperwork; 11] Thought I'd include one [bathroom] photo of me on these days; and 12] Home sweet Home...
From bottom right, and clockwise -
13] Lingering snow in the wooded area behind our house; 14] IT'S ALIVE! The one camellia we thought had died last year has new leaves on it! 15] Tiny paw prints on the fire-pit deck; 16] Spot, the cat that may now be ours...I'm thinking it really lives up the hill; 
17] Sunset through the trees;
 and 18] EmmaLou enjoying the warmth of the 'fire' -
It's not too late to join us! -
- Look for it on instagram!

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