Monday, October 2, 2017

Lottie Scottie UPdate No. 010-2017

Let's talk a little more about the AC unit - 
Once we'd decided to put it under the table - Craig went to work cutting a hole in Lottie. Oh, how he hated doing that. But it was / is the right choice / solution for us. We sure didn't want a unit we had to take in and out of a window every time we traveled, and as much as we tried, we just couldn't figure a way to stabilize one on the roof... the weight is just too much for Lottie's old 'bones.' Ha.
It was the RIGHT choice to move this project up the list a bit so that Lottie would be 
nice and cool as continued working on her!
He framed in the AC so nicely, and I'll touch up the paint later on...
He also did a great job sealing up and framing the unit on the outside too!
It sets neatly on the tow bar.
Next we knew it would need some sort of cover to protect it when traveling.
So I picked up this little chest at my favorite thrift store. [Our theory has always been, why build something if you can purchase it for (so-so much) less.
We discussed before I bought it that Craig would need to make it deeper to cover the whole unit. Side Note: I love being able to send photos to discuss things almost instantly even when we are miles and miles apart...
Great job, sweetheart!
So my job was next - - making it adorable for Lottie.[Of course.]
I spent an afternoon painting it until it was just right. I think it’s so cute. We will extend the metal strapping to the bottom and then plan to add travel stickers that tell our camping story.  It's been so fun gathering some stickers together!
 Another project checked off!
We’re getting there!

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