Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Hey! Did I share

with you that I finally got most of my scrapbook pages seperated 
and in albums so that I can find my photos easier? They're all on their proper shelf again and I love the way ti looks and the organization of it all!! 
[There's not rhyme or reason for the colors, though - ha.]
Here's a recent page from the class with CZ - her designs are always classic and timeless! [And no, I'm not above grabbing photos off the internets. ha.]
And here's one I did I with photos from our lazy river afternoon late last summer - I really hope we can get a trip in again this year, but August is looking pretty full right about now.

I did a sweet little book for our Division Director's Retirement. 
But I didn't take even one photo of it.
It was full of photos through the years and sweet notes from friends.
Just what a scrapbook should be!
What are you scrap booking these days?

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