Monday, July 31, 2017

Well. Goodness.

Do I go forward or do I go backwards?
It's been a while since I've posted... 
And try as I might to have some things pre-posted and ready to go, 
Life sometimes gets in the way - lol.

So let's see if this can be a little 'catch-up post - 
The day after we got home from Gatlinburg I headed to Montgomery for a week of work and mock-training for a course we hope to get out later in the fall. It was a productive week and I think we got a lot accomplished... and one afternoon I HAD to take the drive out to a sunflower field I'd heard about - turns out I found two gorgeous fields of flowers - so worth the drive to see acres and acres of these big beautiful flowers in full bloom!
 July has been a little over-the-top with artsy stuff for me - I've been involved with ReSet Camp with Cori - a fun little on-line camp where we've focused on getting ourselves back on track to take care of US. It was fun to see all the prompts and give some things a try - but I think what I learned most is that, try as I might, I'm just not a planner girl.
I mean, sure I use my calendar [planner] to track my life - but not to the the extent that these gals do. I just don't have that kind of extra time right now...
But I DID commit to completing the July Lister's Gotta List Challenge - and that's been fun! 
 I've also signed up for a ten week on-line class, Art Journal Summer School
 with Marieke Blokland -- in the Netherlands - 

And I can't tell you how much I'm loving this class!!
I'm re-purposing a little Bible Study book I did back at the beginning of summer and I'm loving the smaller format and weekly techniques.
And I couldn't resist taking another class from the talented Cathy Zielske!
She's my all-time favorite designer in the scrapbook world! So while I'm a little 'behind' with this on-line class - I know it will be there ready for me when I get back to it - 

And of course, I'm still plugging along [always a few weeks "behind"] with the J-52, Year Long art journal prompts with Effy Wild. I've committed to doing these in my inter-leaved Bible - 
and I have to admit that I love this one so, so much. It's inspired by a dream catcher I saw in google images - and I don't know... maybe I'm finally getting better at adding 'light' in the right places... I could just look at this all day long. . . [well, not really... but maybe... ha.] It stays open on my desk so I see it every time I walk by --
You should check out all of these artists - each wonderful and unique in their own way!!
And then, of course we [and by 'we' i mean mostly my sweetheart] have been busy planning and scheming and WORKING on this little jewel. Our first excursion is scheduled for October and y'all know, time flies - and we've got quite the list to accomplish!
But we already know we're going to love it!
So - that's the catch-up for July - mostly.
I'll do my best to plan ahead and stay on a schedule for August - 

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