Wednesday, July 5, 2017


I **finally** got the labels put on the albums for my "new" scrapbook organization!
I've been working on it for a few years... lol.
I've basically taken most every [chronological] album apart and 
reorganized into these topics so photos / pages will be easier to find. 
[It's much easier for me to think of WHO is in the photo, 
than the YEAR it was taken - ha.]
 But, alas, there's a few chronological pages that I can't separate because I was kinda poor when I started scrapbooking and adhered the photos directly to the page 
[instead of a stand alone page like I'm able to do now...]
 I'm pretty frustrated with it all so I've left those chronological for now...
Time will tell if I make color copies or re-do some of those pages...
But for now I've got a couple of stacks of layouts
from the past two years that need to be divided 
and put into their appropriate albums. 
You know... there's always something to do, right?
How do you organize your pages?

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