Sunday, July 2, 2017

So. I love ths stuff.

That is all.
I first used it a few weeks back when I wrestled a suitcase and ended up with a scrape and big bad bruise -- not only did it protect the scrape - but it kept the bruising to a minimum. 
Fast forward to last weekend when I was using a mega hot glue gun to put a lining in one of my vintage cases and accidentally stuck my finger into a crazy HOT glob 'o glue then slung it off onto my other hand only to realize that 
I'd melted the skin off BOTH my finger and my hand... 
I know. OUCH. 
After a day of neosporin, this liquid skin not only covered it and protected it, 
but actually promoted skin growth.
So, here I am a week later with NEW SKIN 
[the raw is completely gone!
[And no photos to share, bc, 
hey, no one really wants to see THAT - lol.]

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