Friday, June 30, 2017

I love that my sweetheart

is such a good shopper!
Y'all know that we bought our little Lottie Scottie a few months back... 
and we've [well, I should probably say, HE'S, been working on a lot of 
'behind the scenes' things to get her ready to go!
So when he saw this scotty highlander for sale 
at a ridiculously low price 
 he grabbed it up so we could get some parts from it -   
It was a little rougher than we thought... 
and it was an adventure getting it home! 
 It was also A MESS inside - 
complete with critters!! 
My husband, the snake wrangler!
But we worked hard and got it cleaned out;
'harvested' the things we needed / wanted...
It was worth the drive [and adventure!] to get it - 
[and we were able to catch a meal with the youngest too!] 
Two weeks later he flipped it for a profit - 
He's truly good at that!
We just hope it made it to it's new home! 
[Notice the ropes holding everything in]
It  will be restored to a beautiful vintage camper one day!
[Just not by us -]

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