Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Most of you know

that I have given up chronological scrap booking, per se -
And I've always completed pages at least a year after the photos were taken.
[The exception is smaller travel books.]
But I recently realized that I had not even PRINTED photos for almost a year - 
so I have lots to keep me busy for a while - 
These are pages I did at a crop a month or so ago - 
The fair photos above were taken in the summer of '15 - in an attempt to practice with my camera before heading to the neon lights of Vegas that fall...
Note that I used a paper description slip as my title. 
The photos of my cousin Brain were gathered together soon after his death and at the floragraph celebration of his life after he was chosen to be on the Donate Life float in 
The Rose Parade in January 2016.
This page has photos from the first class I took with Christy Jordan of Southern Plate - you can see the little sticky not holding the place for the title  - lol
She is such a joy!
And this one has photos of KittyLou as a kitten.
[Photos from fall of '15.]
She may end up having a book all her own - lol...
Or maybe I'll pull out all the pet pages and put them in one book.... 
Since I tend to do them more and more these days - 
Love that photo of EmmaLou trying to be nonchalant around Pawley.
And goodness, This Halloween photo of MK must be three years old already - 
And yes - I will admit to stealing photos off facebook for my scrapbooks.
I love fall so much and take random photos... 
so I gathered some together for this page...
Again, at least two years ago...
So you can see that I am slowly 'catching up.' 
The truth is - there's no 'catching up in the scrapbook world because there's always a story to tell - whether it's from last week, last year or thirty years ago... we need to be gathering photos and WRITING it down....
Get to it!

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