Monday, April 17, 2017

Y’all know we have so

much fun at the Scrapping for a Cure – Cystic Fibrosis Crop each year! 
It’s a fund raiser and in the past we’ve raised between $5,000 – 10,000!! 
The awesome thing about the CF Foundation is that it sends 
all of the monies raised directly to research! 
So wonderful!!

Can you guess what this year’s theme was?
Tara, Rachel, et el do such a wonderful job making this crop extra fun! 
There's always costumes and table contests! 
There were a couple of GREAT free classes 
as well as several extra [paid] classes we could take 
[I plan to share more about one of mine this week -]


Terri always does such a great job with the theme – 
love this photo holder we made in no time at all! 
It’s always easier when someone else has pre-cut 
and gathered the supplies for you!

I love how Deonna thinks outside the box to create layouts 
so perfectly suited to our photos! 
The glitter and wispy clouds are perfect!
And the little holder was in our goodie bag!

And Marie and Debbie are CREATIVE GENIUSES. 
That is all. 
Thanks to them our table won best table! 
Look at Big Ben! And the rest of it was gorgeous too!
 Our group won best costumes too. 
[I’ll admit that I think we were really cute!]

Wendy was so perfect. This is a favorite photo of mine - 
Every little detail was themed to Neverland.

We all got a cute little Tinker Bell light in our goodie bag!
I can't say enough about how fun this crop is!! 
Once you get there you can create as much as you like -
 or enjoy the classes I mentioned above. 
Or just hang out and visit with friends!
The price always includes ALL the meals, and let me say - 
they feed us good - lol.
There's also a massage therapist and manicurist on hand 
to fix us up from all the hard work scrapping the weekend away!
I'd love to invite you to join us next year - 
April 13-14, 2018
NOTE: Photo Cred – some are mine, some are friends, and we’ve swapped and grabbed each other’s so much, I’m not even sure who each one belongs too - 
Thanks for sharing y'all!

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