Friday, April 21, 2017

I'm so excited to share this

fun stitching project with you!
This is a photo of Julie's finished project!
It’s been years since I’ve done any embroidery, in fact, this may be the one and only time I
did something like this – in high school or college as a gift to my mom – Soon after that counted cross stitching became the rage and I seriously got into that for a while.
PHOTO fun work
But I became interested again when I started this little project in a class with Big Picture Classes a few years ago… it’s been set to the side too many times – I soooo need to pull this out and finish it because I think it’s adorable.]
Lately it’s been fun to see things with stitching out on the interwebs, many from Stephanie Ackerman with Documented Faith, so I wanted to give it a go for the class I taught at Scrapping for a Cure.
I created the base of my work in a word.doc [by inserting shapes, clip art {the bee} and text boxes.] So easy. Then I did a few free hand flowers before scanning it all for the hand out. After the first scan I wrote on the scanned document 
to show which stitches and colors go in each area. 
In class I showed how to use tracing paper to get your design on your fabric 
and then we started stitching!
  We decided it’s better if the yarn is separated into two strands before using. They asked how long it would take to finish it and I said they could be finished before dinner if they worked on it – in a week if they did it while watching TV.
And low and behold one of the ‘students’ came by later that day to show her completed project! Julie did a great job finishing it with a covered back and washi tape around the ring.
And that bow on top!
I’ve been busy, so I’m still working on mine, but I plan to have it DONE during some travel at the end of the month. I may even add some additional French knots to give it a bit more texture. Watch my Instagram for an update!
Oh – and lucky you – I have some kits for sale if you want one! $20 includes shipping. Just email me [] and let me know where to send a PayPal invoice and I’ll get one to you!

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