Monday, March 20, 2017

Much thanks to my sweet cousins

and aunt for arranging for us girls to have some extended time together. 
 I wish we had the time to get together more often, 
so I appreciate these three making the  effort to make it happen -
  Many of the 'girl' cousins made the trek to Wilson Lake to gab 
and let those legs swing - lol - 
It's our history after all - everyone knows that when the sisters 
[remember there were nine of them]
 were together they would sit, cross a leg, and swing it while they visited... 
Swing those legs! 
 We had a cozy weekend in a little log cabin on the lake 
during the weekend that it SNOWED. 
[I love a good midnight snow...]
What could be better than a nice cozy fire, 
[photo cred: cousin Deb]
good conversation, 
[so much GREAT conversation!]
good food 
[SO MUCH good food that we stayed tucked inside the entire time -]
[[again, photo cred: cousin Deb]]
and laughter until 
I. Could. Not. Breathe. 
[[again, photo cred: cousin Deb]]
 Seriously – I need B’s list so I can remember it all. 
It was the best. 
We shared history stuff, genealogy stuff, health stuff, family stuff, and faith stuff - 
We are so very blessed that we come from a family of faith - 
This picture is missing a couple that came and went during the weekend and 
I have every intention of photo shopping them in with us - 
[but y'all know in my great computer virus 
I also had to close out my favorite little editing program...]
We surely did miss those who couldn’t be with us - 
you would have loved it!
Hoping we can do something like this again in the summer...  
Until then, happy spring, y'all.

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