Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Earlier this month

I jumped at the opportunity to take an Indigo class from Sandhya Garg 
- She was on season 13 of Project Runway and has beautiful designs. 
I’ve always been intrigued with indigo 
[Did they use it in Little House on the Prairie?]
 so I was very excited to learn some new techniques.
 And while I can’t recount the exact names – I do like the way different patterns can result from the folding / stitching/ gathering. These are our projects, ready to dye. 
Sandhya was a great teacher and very hands-on to help us get the most out of the class - 
Here she's mixing the indigo from a kit she says we can purchase at hobby lobby... 
Each kit dyes about 15 pieces.
I love that the indigo starts out green [such a beautiful shade] 
and turns the gorgeous blue as the air hits it. 
Here are a couple of my pieces after being dipped in indigo .
The real work started - rinsing and getting the stitches and bands off - lol -
Then we hung them up to dry a bit - 
Sandhya did a scarf that [of course!] turned out beautifully!
But I really love how every single item turned out -

Take a look at the garment on the far right -
It was the last one to be dyed and has a beautiful aqua color!
It was a wonderful afternoon...
and I may just have to have an indigo party here at home.
Let me know if you're interested!

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