Wednesday, March 29, 2017

It’s spring [except for those two days of 28*] and

 around here that means – yard clean up –

We have lots and lots of old {{old}} trees in our big yard so we always have to spend a little time gathering the fallen limbs and either hauling them down to the street or burning a big pile of them – so far we’ve gathered everything in the back yard [and burned most in the fire pit when the youngest was home a few weeks ago.]
Craig has done a WONDERUFL job mulching up all the leaves on one side of the front yard - remember we gave up blowing them when we burned up a blower every year for three years straight and 2] the city stopped picking them up.
[I love finding little bits of goodness in our yard!]
 So this weekend we gathered up the sticks [and LIMBS!!] on the south side of the yard and  Craig mowed / mulched the leaves in... It looks great!!
I love spring time in the south. I know I say that every year – but it’s the truth.
  The colors bursting forth from the drab brown earth is glorious to me. 
And y'all know I love redbud trees - 
I'm thankful to have the three my daddy bought me back in the day.
I hope the other flowering trees and shrubs weren't hurt by our crazy weather!
Time will tell if our yard blossoms out in the colors I love… 
and if not, there’s always summer flowers!
[Time to start those seedlings, y'all!]

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